Forgotten Millpond

“The sea, calm as a millpond, without a ripple, was breathing slowly but deeply” Georges Simenon – The Mahe Circle, 1946


We don’t write well anymore because we don’t have the time to absorb our surroundings


We must

catch the train

plan the weekend

work 8 hours a day

plot an escape

cook dinner

post something online

pay the bills


When was the last time you watched clouds float across the sky

dancing in the wind

Without feeling guilty for wasting time


It is not just writing that suffers


For writing us just an expression of meaning


We lose a purpose to our toil

To our life

Without meaning from slowness all our busy efforts become unfulfilling


Georges Simenon wrote those lines more than a half a century ago in a time where there was less to do

And contemplation rather than distraction was desired


Can you find meaning looking into a millpond

You will have to try to find out



David J Campbell


Fluid writing : It could just be that I’m tired of putting in punctuation

Delete the unnecessary!

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