Fluid writing

Lets just imagine I want to create a new style of writing one without the old syntax and apostrophes but rather to just have a stream of words and then possibly a directional indicator to tell people when I have started a new or similar stream and then another when I have gone back to my original point or rambling as you might call it and really no full stops or paragraphs as the point is never really made never completed things are fluid are constantly changing so the point you just made no matter how accurate could not possibly be spot on now because things have changed and if it were spot on now that would be pure luck and prove only that you weren’t spot on before


However perhaps a gap could signify a pause a breath a moment of peace to absorb and a signal that the writer rested yes the writer rested

paused for a moment to reflect on their realisation that we have made writing more like speech more like a speech

using spaces to signify the writers action

and maybe up and down arrows for changes in direction or perhaps they aren’t necessary at all

we will just talk

make sense


and it starts to look like poetry

because poetry came from the spoken word not the written

perhaps essays not poetry should be written like this perhaps all writing


DJ Campbell

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